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So you can
stimulate your beard growth

So kannst Du <br>dein Bartwachstum ankurbeln

An impressive beard used to be a sign of masculinity and vitality. But even today it is Facial hair is important for many men – especially as body decoration and a sign of individuality. We notice this at Mootes because customers regularly ask us what they can do to make their beard grow faster or thicker. The bad news first: Beard growth depends on your predisposition – the so-called genetic disposition. But now the good news: You can still do a lot through your behavior to ensure that your beard hair grows . We have put together a few tips for you in this regard.

Enough rest

Maybe it's just a coincidence, but most of the bearded people we know are pretty relaxed and well-adjusted people. The fact is that Calmness and enough sleep have a positive effect on hair growth . The main reason for this is the hormone testosterone, which makes hair sprout better . However, when you are stressed or lack sleep, your body significantly reduces testosterone production. This in turn causes less hair to grow. Chilling is also a must when shaving. Although the rumor persists, frequent shaving does not accelerate beard growth.

Do sports

“No sports” is Winston Churchill’s oft-quoted advice. However, if you look at photos of the former British Prime Minister, you will see his smooth chin without a single hair. No wonder: Because Exercise promotes blood circulation in the skin , which is good for hair growth. In addition it increases testosterone levels your body. Ultimately it doesn't matter which sport you do, but exercise, muscle building - and ideally fun - should be the focus.

Right nutrition

Proper nutrition can also support beard growth. You should drink enough – preferably water – and eat a balanced diet. This is all about Foods rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins with polyunsaturated fatty acids . The selection is large and ranges from A for avocado to Z for zander. Snacks are not a no-go. Instead of greasy potato chips, crunchy nuts are a better choice. Positive side effect: All of this is not only good for beard growth, but also for your health.

Get rid of old skin flakes

Your facial skin also plays an important role in beard care. Old skin flakes are particularly problematic here. Because they form a barrier and make it difficult for beard hair to sprout through your facial skin. To help, one can mild washing lotion or a special peeling care for. Simply massage into damp facial skin, then rinse thoroughly and then just dry. It's best to do this once or twice a week.

Declare war on dry facial skin

Facial skin that is too dry does not provide good conditions for the growth of beard hair. Here A face cream that is tailored to the needs of your skin and provides it with moisture helps . However, please do not follow the motto “a lot helps a lot”. If you apply the cream too thickly, it can clog the skin pores and have a counterproductive effect on beard growth.

Optimal beard care

With the right beard care, your facial hair will appear thicker and more even. This is where one helps Beard comb or a beard brush . If you comb or brush your beard every day with these care utensils, it not only creates more volume. You can also do that at the same time Massage facial skin . That again Promotes blood circulation and can support beard growth . A can also be helpful high quality beard oil be. Because it doesn't just make your facial hair shine. It also provides skin and hair with vitamins that can stimulate growth. This is what optimal beard care looks like.

Avoid nicotine and alcohol

Fortunately, the days when alcohol and cigarettes were considered symbols of masculinity are long gone. Both are not only harmful to health, but They also affect hair and, of course, beard growth . The following applies: the more, the worse. This is mainly due to the negative influence on the testosterone level, which has already been mentioned several times. Smoking also impairs blood circulation in the skin and can damage hair follicles . Most other drugs also slow down hair growth. An exception here is caffeine. This is even good for hair growth. So you can easily treat yourself to a few cups of coffee or tea every day. However, the dosage here is hardly high enough to make a real difference. But it's definitely better than alcohol or nicotine.

These are our tips for healthy beard growth. Remember not to expect miracles. Ultimately, you are unique and it's all about owning your appearance.


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