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Wet shaving

Ready for the ultimate shave? In our wet shaving category you will find everything you need for a close and first-class shave. From classic safety razors to fine razors to high-quality shaving soaps and brushes. A wet shave is not just a daily ritual, it is a little time out for you. Discover our exclusive selection of shaving products and experience the difference. Your skin will thank you. What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the world of wet shaving and perfect your shaving ritual.

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Razor Blades - Tiger

FromCHF 1.50
Rasieröl aus der Schweiz - 100% natürliche Inhaltsstoffe
Rasieröl aus der Schweiz - 100% natürliche Inhaltsstoffe

Shaving Oil - Mootes

FromCHF 21.00
Mootes Aftershave Balm Wood

Aftershave Balm Wood - Mootes

CHF 19.80

Shaving soap - Mootes

CHF 16.90

Razor blades Superior Platinum - Astra

CHF 1.50
Out of stock

Razor blades - Mühle

CHF 3.00
Mootes Wechselklingenmesser Pakkaholz

Razor with interchangeable blade Pakka wood - Mootes

CHF 39.90
Mootes Wechselklingenmesser Olivenholz

Razor with interchangeable blade olive wood - Mootes

CHF 39.90

Enamel shaving bowl - Mootes

CHF 18.90

Razor blades FH-10 - Feather

CHF 9.00
Mootes Aftershave Balm Lime

Aftershave Balm Lime - Mootes

CHF 19.80
Mootes Wechselklingenmesser Rosenholz

Razor with interchangeable blade rosewood - Mootes

CHF 34.00
Mootes Rasierschale verchromt

Chrome-plated shaving bowl - Mootes

CHF 19.90
Mootes Rasierpinsel Olivenholz

Shaving brush olive wood - Mootes

CHF 58.00
Out of stock
Mootes Wechselklingenmesser Metall

Razor with interchangeable blade metal - Mootes

CHF 24.90

Alum stone - Osma

CHF 9.90
Mootes Rasierpinsel Ständer

Shaving Brush Stand - Mootes

CHF 39.90
Mootes Rasierhobel Chrom Anthrazit ziseliert

Safety razor chrome anthracite chiseled - Mootes

CHF 44.00

Sandalwood shaving soap - Haslinger

FromCHF 7.90
Mootes Rasierhobel Olivenholz

Safety Razor Butterfly Olive Wood - Mootes

CHF 49.50

Razor blades New Hi Stainless - Feather

CHF 8.00
Out of stock

Skin Food Sandalwood - Geo. F. Trumper

CHF 24.90
Mootes Rasierhobel Olivenholz

Safety razor olive wood - Mootes

CHF 39.00

Sensitive shaving soap - Haslinger

FromCHF 7.90
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