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Body care for the modern man is much more than just a morning routine - it is a statement, a dedication to yourself and your health. In the age of awareness, where quality and authenticity are becoming increasingly important, choosing the right care products is becoming an art. With an overabundance of options on the market, finding just the right one can be challenging. But more and more men are recognizing the value of high-quality care products and are making conscious decisions instead of mass-produced products.

Because men's skin actually has its own challenges. Not only does it tend to be thicker and tend to produce more sebum (skin oil), but it also often has to deal with the daily rigors of shaving. This makes them more susceptible to irritation, dryness and other skin problems. In addition, men's skin is often more robust and has a different texture compared to women's skin. This requires specially formulated products that specifically address these differences and support the skin in its natural function.

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Mootes Dirty Boy Soap

Bar soap Dirty Boy - Mootes

CHF 16.00
Mootes Lip Balm

Lip pomade with rosemary oil - Mootes

CHF 11.50
Deo Rollon Wood

Deodorant Roll-on Wood - Mootes

CHF 19.90

Soap box - Mootes

CHF 7.90
Out of stock
Mootes Gesichtstagescreme

Face Moisturizer - Mootes

CHF 27.50
Mootes Mountain Pass Soap

Bar soap Mountain Pass - Mootes

CHF 16.00
Mootes Body Wash Mountain Pass

Shower gel Mountain Pass - Mootes

CHF 19.00

Hand Cream Mountain Pass - Mootes

CHF 25.90
Mootes Knight Rider Soap

Bar soap Knight Rider - Mootes

CHF 16.00
Mootes Eau de Toilette Mountain Pass

Eau de Toilette Mountain Pass - Mootes

CHF 89.00
Mootes Bodylotion Mountain Pass

Body lotion Mountain Pass - Mootes

CHF 29.00
Mootes Shampoo Mountain Pass

Shampoo Mountain Pass - Mootes

CHF 21.00
Mootes Ocean Drive Soap

Bar soap Ocean Drive - Mootes

CHF 16.00
Mootes Hidden Beach Soap

Bar soap Hidden Beach - Mootes

CHF 16.00
Mootes Body Wash Ocean Drive

Shower gel Ocean Drive - Mootes

CHF 19.00
Mootes Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive

Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive - Mootes

CHF 89.00
Deo Rollon Lime

Deodorant Roll-on Lime - Mootes

CHF 19.90

Eau de Parfum 902 - Bon Parfumeur

CHF 54.00
Mootes Body Wash Knight Rider

Shower gel Knight Rider - Mootes

CHF 19.00
Mootes Shampoo Ocean Drive

Shampoo Ocean Drive - Mootes

CHF 21.00

Toothpaste Whitening Mint - Marvis

FromCHF 6.50

Toothpaste Classic Strong Mint - Marvis

FromCHF 5.50
Mootes Liquid Soap Mountain Pass

Liquid soap Mountain Pass - Mootes

CHF 22.50
Mootes Body Wash Hidden Beach

Shower gel Hidden beach - Mootes

CHF 19.00
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