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Whiskey Cooling Stones

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You are a cool guy? Then it's best to enjoy your whiskey or whiskey chilled. This way the aromas can develop perfectly and the drink becomes a pleasure. But how do you get your favorite water of life to the right temperature and show style at the same time? With the Mootes Whiskey Cooling Stones! Because they not only look cool, they also keep your drink cool.

We deliver you nine Mootes Whiskey Cooling Stones in a practical cotton bag and add an elegant wooden box on top. The application is very simple. Store the cooling stones in the freezer or freezer compartment of your refrigerator until you need them. Then pour it into a glass - ideally a whiskey tumbler - and then pour the drink of your choice. The stones now cool your drink to the perfect temperature. Unlike classic ice cubes, the stones keep your drink colder for longer, do not dilute its taste and thus ensure genuine enjoyment. Our Whiskey Cooling Stones can of course be used again and again: simply rinse and then freeze them back in the bag - they are ready for the next whiskey enjoyment.

For our Mootes Whiskey Cooling Stones we only use natural and very high-quality soapstone, which has proven to be the ideal material for this purpose. Not only is it characterized by a particularly long lifespan and cooling time, but it is also completely tasteless. In addition, soapstone also contains significantly fewer impurities and bacteria than is the case with ice cubes.

The Mootes Whiskey Cooling Stones are not only the perfect utensil for spending a cozy evening with friends and a good drink, but also an ideal companion when traveling and an ideal gift for whiskey lovers. Of course, you can also use it to cool drinks other than whiskey or whiskey - if you don't tell anyone, we won't either.

Customer Reviews

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Wirklich tolle Whiskey-Steine! Schön verpackt und erfüllen ihren Job perfekt :)


Super praktisch und cool! Empfehlenswert!

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