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Beard balm -
What is that, actually?

Bartbalsam -<br>Was ist das eigentlich?

Customers often ask us what beard balm is and what exactly it is used for. That’s reason enough for us to go into more detail in this blog post. After reading it, you'll not only be smarter and know what benefits beard balm offers. We will also explain to you what makes a good beard balm and how to use it correctly. There are also a few fun facts for the next party conversation.

Beard balm – ideal for facial hair

First things first: Beard balm is a special hair care product . But this is not intended for just any hair. The recipe is specifically tailored to the needs of facial hair . Do you want to know more about balm? In the narrower sense, the term balm refers to a thick mixture that consists of tree resin and essential oils. More generally, the term is also used for ointments and the like. In a figurative sense, a balm also serves to relieve pain.

The main benefits of beard balm

Why do you use beard balm? Because he many advantages combined . As a kind of hair wax it makes your facial hair malleable . This way you can shape your beard into the shape you want. The look can be easily varied again and again. This makes your beard as individual as you are. Beyond that contains high-quality beard balm nourishing ingredients . They make your beard pleasantly soft and supple. They also ensure that the hair not only looks healthy, but is healthy too. But that's still not everything. A good beard balm is also like a protective shield . It provides moisture and protects not only the beard, but also the sensitive facial skin underneath from drying out and unpleasant irritations. Many products also offer one pleasant scent that makes your beard hair smell good. Would you like a fun fact? The Hebrew word for balm can also be translated as “pleasant smell.” A scented beard balm is not for you? No problem. Just look for a beard balm that says “Unscented.” Last, but not least, a beard balm can also be attractive yet natural shine bring into your beard. Styled with beard balm, you are sure to make a brilliant appearance.

This is how you recognize a good beard balm

The range of beard balm products is huge. So how do you find the right one? What matters most here is the ingredients. Instead of chemical clubs high-quality natural ingredients the better choice. These are not just more environmentally and skin-friendly , but also also provide valuable nutrients . For the natural care of facial hair and skin, for example Shea and cocoa butter excellently suited. High-quality vegetable oils are also important. Because these give your beard shine and suppleness - without any chemicals. Almond and jojoba oil have proven to be an excellent choice here. There is also something from Mother Nature for malleability: namely Beeswax . For men who don't want to use animal products, the non-chemical alternatives are still few and far between. But something is moving – also at Mootes.

How do you use beard balm correctly?

Using beard balm is not difficult. However, errors lead to suboptimal results. Take a portion of beard balm on your hand. With high-quality products, a small amount is usually enough because they are often very productive. Rub the balm between your fingers until you feel it warm and the consistency changes. Then massage it in – not just into your beard hair, but also onto the skin underneath . This is the only way your facial skin can optimally benefit from the nourishing properties of the balm. Now you can shape your beard. This can also be done with your hands if necessary. But for optimal results you should have one Use a beard comb or a beard brush .


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