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Welcome to the fragrance jungle, the territory of real gentlemen! This is not about the mainstream brands, but rather a carefully selected range of smaller, exclusive fragrance labels that impress with their unique creations. Eau de Cologne, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette – we're talking about more than just bottles of fragrance. Scents are an expression of your individual style, your attraction and your secret weapon in the flirting game. With us you will find a carefully curated selection of seductive scents that are guaranteed to cause a stir. No matter whether you want to start your everyday life with a refreshing touch of self-confidence or are looking for the perfume for the big entrance, you will find it here. Start your fragrance journey and find your unique signature scent today!

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Mootes Aftershave Balm Wood

Aftershave Balm Wood - Mootes

CHF 19.80
Mootes Aftershave Balm Lime

Aftershave Balm Lime - Mootes

CHF 19.80
Mootes Eau de Toilette Mountain Pass

Eau de Toilette Mountain Pass - Mootes

CHF 89.00
Mootes Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive

Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive - Mootes

CHF 89.00

Eau de Parfum 902 - Bon Parfumeur

CHF 54.00
Out of stock

Skin Food Sandalwood - Geo. F. Trumper

CHF 24.90

Skin Food Eucris - Geo. F. Trumper

CHF 24.90
Mootes Eau de Parfum Hidden Beach

Eau de Parfum Hidden Beach - Mootes

CHF 89.00

Aftershave Lotion Bay Rum - Suavecito

CHF 23.00

Aftershave Lotion - Clubman Pinaud

CHF 18.00

Aftershave balm white line - Proraso

CHF 16.00

Aftershave lotion green line - Proraso

CHF 16.00

Aftershave balm green line - Proraso

CHF 16.00

Aftershave Lotion Green - Dapper Dan

CHF 19.90

Aftershave Lotion - Reuzel

CHF 16.00

Eau de Parfum 004 - Bon Parfumeur

CHF 54.00

Perfume Sucks Black

CHF 98.00

Eau de Cologne Lime Sec - Clubman Pinaud

CHF 21.00

Eau de Parfum Maharajah - Captain Fawcett

CHF 109.00

Eau de Parfum 601 - Bon Parfumeur

CHF 54.00

After Shave Lotion Blue - Dapper Dan

CHF 19.90

Skin Food Spanish Leather - Geo. F. Trumper

CHF 24.90

Aftershave Lotion Wood & Spice - Reuzel

CHF 16.00

Aftershave Lotion - Fine Accoutrements

CHF 28.90
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