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Scented candles & diffusers

A room is so much more than just walls and furniture. It is your stage on which you can showcase your distinctive style. Choosing the right home fragrance is a crucial step in adding character and ambience to your personal space. In our range you will find an exclusive selection of scented candles and diffusers that give your room a unique scent. The unobtrusive finesse of the scented candles and the subtle notes of the diffusers create an atmosphere in which you can feel completely at home. Design your space to meet your style and personality needs.

Rosemary & Thyme scented candle - Mootes

CHF 28.00CHF 19.60

Diffuser Orange & Cinnamon - Laroma

CHF 34.90

Scented candle Amber & Ylang - Laroma

CHF 29.50
Out of stock

Diffuser pine forest - Laroma

CHF 34.90

Scented candle Cedarwood & Amyris - Mootes

CHF 28.00CHF 19.60

Diffuser Edelweiss - Laroma

CHF 34.90

Scented candle lavender & bergamot - Mootes

CHF 28.00CHF 19.60

Diffuser Moroccan Spice - Laroma

CHF 34.90

Scented candle Fleurs des Alpes - Laroma

CHF 29.50

Diffuser Sandalwood - Laroma

CHF 34.90

Scented candle Edelweiss - Laroma

CHF 29.50

Diffuser Arve - Laroma

CHF 34.90

Diffuser Cashmere - Laroma

CHF 34.90

Diffuser Lemongrass - Laroma

FromCHF 19.90

Diffuser Amber - Laroma

CHF 34.90


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