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Gifts for men

Discover the best gifts for men with us! In our men's gifts category you will find a wide selection, including high-quality beard care sets, premium wet shaving products and exclusive gift sets. Treat yourself or your loved ones to stylish gifts that will make men's hearts beat faster

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Ocean Drive Eau de Parfum Gift Set - Mootes

FromCHF 111.50

Mountain Pass Eau de Toilette Gift Set - Mootes

FromCHF 111.50

Gift set Eau de Parfum Hidden Beach - Mootes

FromCHF 111.50

Mootes gift voucher

FromCHF 30.00

Beard Oil and Brush Gift Set - Mootes

CHF 33.50

Beard Care Gift Set - Mootes

CHF 87.50

Gift set for the classic wet shave - Mootes

CHF 81.50

Razor set King Cutter round head 5/8" plastic - Böker

CHF 269.00

Manicure set 5 pieces in cork case - Giesen & Forsthoff

CHF 74.00

Manicure set 3 pieces in cork case - Giesen & Forsthoff

CHF 49.00

Beard care set Cypress & Vetiver - Proraso

CHF 49.00

Beard care set Azur Lime - Proraso

CHF 49.00

Beard care set Wood & Spice - Proraso

CHF 49.00

Wet shaving set Vintage Selection Prima Dopo - Proraso

CHF 38.00

Wet shaving set Vintage Selection Toccasana - Proraso

CHF 38.00

Wet shaving set Vintage Selection Gino 2019 - Proraso

CHF 38.00
Socks Hidden Beach

Socks Hidden Beach - Mootes

CHF 12.90
Socks Knight Rider
Socks Knight Rider Box

Socks Knight Rider - Mootes

CHF 12.90
Socks Ocean Drive
Socks Ocean Drive Box

Socks Ocean Drive - Mootes

CHF 12.90
Socks Mountain Pass

Socks Mountain Pass - Mootes

CHF 12.90

Socks Velo - Urban Eccentrics

CHF 12.90

Socks Veggie Pizza - Urban Eccentrics

CHF 18.90

Socks Jukebox - Urban Eccentrics

CHF 18.90

Socks Game Boy - Urban Eccentrics

CHF 15.90
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