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Wet shaving set

Immerse yourself in the world of stylish and luxurious wet shaving with our carefully curated wet shaving sets. These sets are more than just a combination of products - they open the door to a very special experience. Regardless of whether you are just starting your journey into the world of wet shaving or are an experienced beard wearer, our sets offer the ideal introduction. They also make a great gift for those you want to pamper with a touch of luxury. From gift sets with safety razors and high-quality brushes to sets with interchangeable blade knives and first-class care products - our selection is diverse. Prepare to see the art of shaving in a whole new light and pamper your skin in style. Your wet shaving experience starts here!

Rasierhobelset Butterfly Eisenholz - Mootes
Rasierhobelset Butterfly Eisenholz - Mootes

Butterfly ironwood safety razor set - Mootes

CHF 146.50
Rasierhobelset Butterfly Olivenholz - Mootes
Rasierhobelset Butterfly Olivenholz - Mootes

Safety razor set Butterfly olive wood - Mootes

CHF 146.50
Nassrasur-Set Vintage Selection Gino 2019 - Proraso

Wet shaving set Vintage Selection Gino 2019 - Proraso

CHF 38.00
Nassrasur-Set Vintage Selection Prima Dopo - Proraso

Wet shaving set Vintage Selection Prima Dopo - Proraso

CHF 38.00
Nassrasur-Set Vintage Selection Toccasana - Proraso

Wet shaving set Vintage Selection Toccasana - Proraso

CHF 38.00
Rasiermesser-Set King Cutter Rundkopf 5/8

Razor set King Cutter round head 5/8" plastic - Böker

CHF 269.00


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