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Razor with interchangeable blades
for the perfect cut!

Rasiermesser mit Wechselklingen<br> für den perfekten Schnitt!

Blade change and target groups

While some men appreciate the classic wet shave with a razor, others swear by the comfortable removal of facial hair with a safety razor. We don't want to decide which shaving utensil is better - we couldn't do that at all because each one offers individual advantages - but we would like to introduce you to another alternative, namely the so-called interchangeable blade knife. In the following text we will briefly discuss the name, properties, types of blades, changing blades and the target group for interchangeable blade knives.

The name

Do you actually know a lot about shaving utensils, but haven't heard of interchangeable blade knives? This could be because many people often incorrectly refer to them as shavettes. However, strictly speaking, shavettes can only be called the interchangeable blade knives of a specific manufacturer who holds the trademark rights to this name. It's exactly like the tissue brand "Tempo": all "Tempos" are tissues, but not all tissues are necessarily "Tempos".

The properties

In terms of structure and handling, an interchangeable blade knife is similar to the classic razor. The crucial difference is that the razor blade can be replaced – just like with a safety razor. This makes the interchangeable blade knife practically an intermediate form of a straight razor and a safety razor. The fact that most barbers use them to remove their customers' facial hair proves how high-quality interchangeable blade knives can be. The utensil is also used in numerous hair salons to shave the neck area. Interchangeable blade knives are by no means an emergency solution.

The types of blades

With most interchangeable blade knives you can easily use the razor blades standardized for this shaving utensil. If you choose an interchangeable blade knife from our shop, you will usually find information about compatible blades in the product description. Otherwise, don't hesitate to ask us. In general, different types of blades for interchangeable blade knives can be distinguished, namely:

  • short blades
  • medium length blades
  • long blades
  • double-edged blades

Short blades are the common standard for interchangeable blade knives. They are so widespread that you can buy them almost anywhere you get shaving supplies - including Mootes, of course. Due to the high production volume, they are very cheap and are also characterized by their particular spiciness. By the way, short blades make it particularly easy to shave precise contours. Short razor blades for interchangeable blade knives are also available in double-edged versions. By using them, you can reduce the cost of shaving since they are not twice as expensive as single-edge blades.

Medium-length blades: Medium-length blades for interchangeable blade knives are not as widespread. Accordingly, the price is slightly higher here. Because they are longer than standard blades, you can often save some time when shaving. However, they are often not quite as sharp.

Long blades are almost exotic. You can often only find them in specialty stores. They are also more expensive than the two variants already presented. Interchangeable razors with long razor blades are most similar to a classic razor when used.

The blade change

With a little practice, replacing the razor blades on interchangeable blade knives is quite easy. However, different closure systems exist. For most of them you first have to loosen the fixation on the blade holder. You usually fold it up or move it to the side. You can then remove the old blade and insert a new one, which then usually clicks into place in a device. Once the replacement blade is fixed, you can start shaving. Once you've made the switch a few times, it should take you less than a minute. Hobbyists might even find replacing the blades fun. Please note that you must first cut double-edged blades in half before inserting them. The best way to do this is to bend it in the middle while still in the cover and only then remove it. When changing blades, you should always remember that the new blade is literally razor sharp.

The target groups

Fans of interchangeable blade knives like to explain that they combine the advantages of straight razors and raisers and that you practically get the best of both worlds when using them. This argument is not entirely wrong. On the one hand, the handling is similar to a razor, so you can position the blade more flexibly than with a safety razor. On the other hand, you can easily replace dull razor blades like with a safety razor. However, the interchangeable blade knife remains a compromise between the two alternatives. It's not quite as easy to use as a safety razor. Ultimately, you have to find the ideal angle between the blade and the skin yourself. In addition, it does not offer exactly the same feeling as shaving with a razor. Still, it's a really good compromise. This results in the following four target groups for interchangeable blade knives:

  • Curious
  • Switcher
  • Comfort conscious
  • Savers


Have you already tried wet shaving with a classic razor and a safety razor? Then you should also test interchangeable blade knives! Maybe this is exactly the shaving method that best suits your needs with its specific advantages. Testing is above studying! If you plan to remove your facial hair with a classic razor in the future, but have no experience at all, an interchangeable blade knife can be good preparation or a stopover. Because the handling has some similarities. The best way to prepare for the switch is to start with short blades and then switch to medium and long razor blades.

Comfort conscious

Not everyone who appreciates wet shaving with a classic razor also likes to do the obligatory work that comes with it. After all, it is not only necessary to regularly clean the razor blade and rub it with oil. Sharpening the cutting edge is also necessary at some point, otherwise a close and skin-friendly shave will soon no longer be possible. Sharpening the blade in particular requires a certain amount of know-how and some craftsmanship. If you want to save yourself the procedure, but still want to get as close as possible to the classic wet shave with a razor, an interchangeable blade knife is the best choice. For reasons of comfort, the purchase can also be worthwhile for men who are often on the go and don't always want to take their "good" razor - including the accessories - with them on their trips, but at the same time value a close shave.


A classic razor is undoubtedly stylish, offers a great feeling when shaving and gives a high-quality impression. But quality models are not cheap either. In the long term, it is also necessary to purchase additional accessories such as honing and grinding belts or grinding stones. Interchangeable blade knives may not be as stylish, but they cost significantly less.


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