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Farewell to razor burn!
8 tips on how to avoid it

Bild eines Mannes nach einer gelungenen Rasur

Friction, itching, redness - typical signs of razor burn. An annoying issue after shaving, usually caused by hasty shaving or not entirely correct technique. But don't panic, razor burn can be prevented!

How to get annoying razor burn under control:

Tip #1 – Keep your razor clean!

Your safety razor collects small hairs and skin particles after each stroke. Over time, this can reduce its effectiveness and lead to razor burn. Our tip: Rinse it with warm water after each pull. Don't forget to close the tap between rinsing processes. Saves water and protects the environment.

Tip #2 – Preparation is key!

Before shaving: exfoliate, warm up, lather.

  • Peeling: Removes dead skin cells from your face and ensures clean skin.
  • Warm up: Opens the pores and softens the beard hair. A hot towel is sufficient here.
  • Lather: Use a good shaving soap or cream. This not only helps with shaving, but also protects your skin from friction and therefore razor burn.

Tip #3 – Don’t just shave over it!

If you miss a spot, reapply shaving cream before shaving over it again.

Tip #4 – Your blade must be sharp!

Dull blades irritate the skin. Therefore: change regularly!

Tip #5 – Be a gentleman, don’t push!

You don't have to sweep your face like a barbarian. Let the razor do the work.

Tip #6 – Rinse with cold water

Remember to rinse your face with cold water after shaving. This refreshes the skin and helps reduce possible irritation. A simple but effective method for a smooth and comfortable shave!

Tip #7 – Check aftershave!

Avoid products containing alcohol after shaving, especially if your skin is sensitive. An alcohol-free moisturizer or aftershave balm can work wonders.

Tip #8 – Skin care isn’t just for women!

Use a good face cream regularly to keep your skin supple and prevent razor burn.

Now you are prepared! Almost every man experiences skin irritation after shaving. But with these tips you are well prepared to prevent razor burn. Try it and feel the difference!


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