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«How to plane»:
the correct use of the safety razor

«How to hobel»: <br>die richtige Verwendung des Rasierhobels

There are several ways to achieve the perfect wet shave. The classic razor is just one option here. But many men shy away from the effort involved or are concerned about injuring themselves. Some of them then use disposable or plastic system razors. This is not very sustainable. Because this not only leads to high follow-up costs, but also to a lot of waste. We have a better alternative: shaving with a shaver. Do you want to know how it works and why we recommend the safety razor? Then just read on.

All of this speaks in favor of the safety razor

The safety razor is one of the classic shaving utensils. The first examples date back to 1874. Since then, technology and models have been continually improved. Almost all safety razors can be used with standard razor blades. Not only are these very inexpensive, but they also cause hardly any waste. At the same time, if used correctly, the risk of injury is no higher than with disposable or system razors made of plastic - which are unfortunately still common. That's why safety razors are also known as safety razors.

Preparations for the plane shave

The preparations for wet shaving with a plane are no different than those you should make for any other wet shave. That's why we can keep it relatively brief here: First, you should wash the parts of your body to be shaved thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap or lotion. In this way you remove any foreign bodies and at the same time prepare the skin for shaving. Now it's time to lather. It's best to use a high-quality shaving cream or shaving soap and then whip up the shaving foam yourself. This is quick and, in our opinion and the feedback from many customers, leads to significantly better results than using shaving foam from a can. Now soap the body parts to be shaved with plenty of shaving foam. The best way to do this is to use a shaving brush and make circular movements. Please take a few minutes to do this. During this time, the foam softens the hair so that it can be easily shaved off. The foam also acts as a protective layer for your skin while shaving, which you can now get started with.

The plane shave

First, make sure that the safety razor, blade and head are clean and free of foreign objects. This could affect the shaving result and, in the worst case, even lead to injuries and infections. The angle between the plane and the hair to be shaved is important for a thorough and gentle shave. This should be around 30 degrees. This may sound very theoretical, but it quickly becomes second nature when shaving with a plane, so that you will soon automatically be holding the plane correctly. Beginners often make the mistake of applying too much pressure when shaving. However, this can lead to injuries. Since razor blades are very sharp, it is sufficient to gently glide the razor over the soaped hair. To avoid razor burn, you should not shave the same areas of skin unnecessarily often. In order to minimize skin irritation, we recommend shaving not “against the grain”, but in the direction of hair growth. In some areas - such as the neck or chin area - it can help to smooth the skin with your other hand. This creates a flat surface over which the razor blade can glide better. Are you not convinced by the shaving results? Then maybe it's time for a blade change. With safety razors, this is usually done in a matter of seconds. Depending on the quality and amount of hair shaved, you can usually use razor blades for up to five shaves. However, if you feel that the blade is becoming dull, you should change it immediately. Because dull razor blades increase the risk of injuries. This is mainly because you instinctively apply more pressure when shaving. With some planes, the razor head and blade position can also be adjusted. Feel free to experiment and, if necessary, test out several brands of razor blades until you find the optimum one.

After the plane shave

After you have removed all the hair or styled your beard to your liking, you are not finished yet. Remove any foam residue on the skin with a little water and treat your skin, which has been stressed by shaving, to some care. We recommend a high-quality aftershave without alcohol that still has an antibacterial effect. This will ensure that smaller wounds do not become infected. At the same time you can soothe the skin. Make sure you choose a product with naturally nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera & Co. Do you suffer from razor burn? Cooling ingredients can provide relief here - for example those based on menthol. You should also pay some attention to your plane after shaving and clean it thoroughly. Be sure to remove all separated hair and shaving foam. Then dry the plane thoroughly. This means it is ready to use for your next shave and you can then get started straight away. Between shaves, store your safety razor in a suitable place that neither your children nor your pets can reach - such as at the top of the bathroom cabinet. Please always take enough time to shave. If you don't have the time or leisure in the morning, you can also wet shave in the evening. With a little practice, you will be able to achieve a close and gentle shave faster and faster. The best thing to do is to make it a fixed ritual and shave regularly with a safety razor. This not only makes shaving easier because your hair gets used to it. It's also fun and a great way to start your day or evening.

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