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T-Shirt Ocean Drive - Mootes
T-Shirt Ocean Drive - Mootes
T-Shirt Ocean Drive - Mootes

T-shirt Ocean Drive - Mootes

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You think it's the most beautiful place right next to the ocean, you like classic t-shirt designs and maybe you like us a little too? Then show it: with the completely relaxed Mootes T-shirt Ocean Drive .

Shirt made of combed cotton for optimal comfort

There are already enough clothes with a short lifespan. That's why with the Mootes Ocean Drive T-shirt we prefer quality that lasts a long time. It starts with the material. Because we only use high-quality, combed cotton for the shirt. This ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin and does not fluff . We combine this with a slightly above-average grammage of the shirt of 170 GSM. That's a little more than the average T-shirt, but still so light that it's nice and comfortable. Together, the combination results in great wearing comfort for a long time - also because of the additionally reinforced collar.

SEA BREEZE & TIDAL WAVES: the T-shirt not just for Surfers Paradise

Your – hopefully – new favorite shirt has a white tone with a subtle beige note as its base color. The result is called Off-White and for us it is the perfect basis for the chest motif. The Mootes T-Shirt Ocean Drive shows a camper van with an iconic design in front of a palm tree in the background. The surfboards on the roof of the camper directly refer to the motto emblazoned above: SEA BREZE & TIDAL WAVES. So the shirt is just right for you if you like the sea breeze and master the changing tides of the sea and life - regardless of whether you have a surfboard or without. The words SURFER'S PARADISE flank the Mootes brand, rounding off the maritime look.

With the Mootes T-Shirt Ocean Drive you can experience the cool ocean freshness even away from the sea!

This is what makes the Mootes T-Shirt Ocean Drive special:

  • completely made of combed cotton
  • medium weight: 170 GSM
  • additionally reinforced collar
  • Off-white basic tone meets blue-black screen print
  • cool camper van beach design in the style of Ocean Drive

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