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T-Shirt Hidden Beach - Mootes
T-Shirt Hidden Beach - Mootes
T-Shirt Hidden Beach - Mootes

T-shirt Hidden Beach - Mootes

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What do you wear when you're relaxing or would like to hang out at your favorite hidden beach? We think our wonderfully sunny Mootes Hidden Beach T-shirt is the perfect choice for this.

Shirt with the best cotton and top comfort

Cotton is not only natural, but in our opinion it also ensures perfect wearing comfort in T-shirts. That's why our Mootes Hidden Beach T-shirt is made from 100% combed cotton of the best quality. When it comes to weight, we decided on a grammage of 170 GSM. This is a little heavier and more robust than classic shirts , but still light enough to be comfortable to wear . So that you can enjoy this shirt for as long as possible, the collar area, which is often particularly stressed, is additionally reinforced.

SUNSEEKER'S PARADISE: nothing but the horizon

We chose a tropical palm island as the motif for the Mootes T-Shirt Hidden Beach. If you look closely, you might see us relaxing on a hammock. The two-color screen print in yellow and black doesn't just look wonderfully sunny. It is also particularly durable and stands out perfectly against the off-white tone that forms the base color of the shirt. Above the motif you see the motto SUNSEEKERS PARADISE and below it, what we as passionate fans of sun, island beaches and a good mood would like to see while relaxing in our real or virtual hammock: Nothing but the horizon.

Choose the Mootes Hidden Beach T-shirt for the perfect beachwear that will help you cut a good figure even away from the island beach.

The highlights of the Mootes T-Shirt Hidden Beach:

  • made of high quality combed cotton
  • perfect weight of 170 GSM
  • Collar additionally reinforced
  • yellow-black screen print on off-white base color
  • chill island design in the style of Hidden Beach

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