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Hair pomade Lightwork - Slick Gorilla

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The Slick Gorilla Lightwork Pomade allows you to create a sculptable look in no time without compromising on hair care. This paraben-free, water-based hair styling compound is made from natural, ethically sourced ingredients and is ideal for weightless texture and natural movement. With a light to medium hold that can be reworked, this pomade is suitable for all hair types.

Features that are convincing:

Shapeable look: The Lightwork Pomade allows you to shape your look in an instant without leaving the hair dry or greasy.
Easy to wash out: The water-based formula of the pomade makes it easy to wash out, making it easier to use and care for your hair.
Paraben-free: The formula is paraben-free, meaning you're using a styling product without unnecessary additives.
Natural ingredients: With natural, ethically sourced ingredients, the pomade offers gentle care for your hair.
Light to Medium Hold: The hold of the pomade is light to medium, giving you the flexibility to customize your look as needed.

Application: Lively style without compromise

Simply work the Slick Gorilla Lightwork Pomade into dry or towel-dried hair and style as desired. The light to medium hold allows you to add a vibrant touch to your style that is easy to rework.

Discover Lightwork Pomade for a moldable look without compromise - for weightless texture and movement that lasts all day.

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