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Shampoo Hidden Beach - Mootes

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Why you should test our Mootes Shampoo Hidden Beach? Because it not only cleanses hair and scalp thoroughly , but also gently and cares for it at the same time. It also smells pleasantly fruity and fresh .

Swiss made with exclusively natural ingredients

We produce Mootes Shampoo Hidden Beach in Switzerland. This means we can offer you consistently high quality . We also minimize transport routes that are harmful to the environment and the climate. What's also important is what's in it - and in our shampoo these are neither chemical additives nor artificial preservatives, mineral oils or parabens. Instead, we rely on pure nature . We consciously avoid using animal products, so that Mootes Shampoo Hidden Beach is also 100 percent vegan .

Perfectly cleansed and cared for with coco-glucosides and marigold extract

Coco-glucosides and an extract obtained from marigold are the most important ingredients of the Mootes Shampoo Hidden Beach. The former are special sugar surfactants obtained from selected vegetable oils that clean the hair and scalp reliably and mildly. They are also characterized by good biodegradability . The marigold extract impresses with its nourishing and moisturizing effect . Because of its excellent tolerability, it is also ideal for skin types that are sensitive or have allergic reactions .

Discover the natural cleansing and care effects of Mootes Shampoo Hidden Beach with your skin and hair and enjoy its wonderfully fruity, fresh scent. .

This is what the Mootes Shampoo Hidden Beach offers:

  • produced in Switzerland
  • only the best natural ingredients
  • Sugar surfactants for mild and thorough cleaning
  • Marigold extract for natural and gentle skin care
  • fruity-fresh scent Hidden Beach

Fragrance Hidden Beach:

Is there anything better than spending a sunny vacation alone or with good friends on a picturesque beach and feeling the soft sand between your toes? Of course not on one of these overcrowded beaches, but on a real insider tip, a “hidden beach”. Such a dream vacation is the starting point for our fragrance composition of the same name. We produce these for you in Switzerland from high-quality and harmoniously complementary essential oils.

The summery pleasant smell starts with fruity lime, which gives you a wonderful fresh kick. Lemongrass goes well with it, combining citrus and spicy scents. Our hidden beach is not around the corner, but in the distance. Olfactorily, this is indicated by the connection between incense and Indian sandalwood. The subtle lemon note of the incense follows on from the citrusy-fresh start, but expands the fragrance composition to include balsamic-resinous moments. The balsamic, warm Indian sandalwood harmonizes perfectly with this. Hidden Beach finally ends with a hint of sweet vanilla. Are you having a stressful day? Then treat yourself to some Hidden Beach, close your eyes and in no time your olfactory nerves will catapult you to your personal hidden sandy beach.

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