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Schnauzwachs unscented
Schnauzwachs unscented

Mustache wax unscented

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As is well known, we offer you our Mootes Mustache Wax in many attractive scents - from summery and fresh to exotic and mysterious to strong and masculine. But some men want to focus on the essentials and look for a mustache wax that doesn't have a scent. This can have many reasons. Maybe they prefer a natural smell, want to avoid a mishmash of scents with their perfume and aftershave, or work in a job where they need their olfactory sense and don't need distractions, even if they smell good. We have developed our “Unscented” mustache wax for all of these men.

As you are used to from products from the Mootes brand, our “Unscented” mustache wax also contains 100 percent high-quality and completely natural ingredients. So that we can guarantee you this – and at the same time a better ecological balance – our Mustache Wax is produced directly in Switzerland. We clearly reject artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives or mineral oils because we think that this type of chemical club - which often has undesirable side effects - has no place in your snout or on your skin.

But what is contained in our Mustache Wax “Unscented” and how do we ensure a secure hold without any chemicals? This is primarily done by natural beeswax, which ensures that your muzzle stays firm and in the shape in which you styled it. It also contains tocopherol. This may sound like artificial chemistry, but it is an important vitamin that creates a protective shield against dangerous environmental influences. In addition, natural coconut oil gives your mustache an attractive shine.


To use it, all you need to do is scrape a small amount out of the can, rub it warm between your fingers and then massage it into your mustache. You can now shape your mustache according to your wishes. Even after twirling, your beard will reliably stay in shape. It's best to test it yourself.

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