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Liquid soap Mountain Pass - Mootes

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Your skin deserves more than just any soap. How about the Mootes liquid soap Mountain Pass? Because it really offers everything a high-quality soap has to offer.

Quality made in Switzerland

Many care products cause considerable environmental damage due to long transport routes. To prevent this, our Mootes liquid soap Mountain Pass is not produced anywhere in the world, but directly in Switzerland. We also deliberately use a PVC bottle as a container. Because of its low weight, it can not only be transported in an environmentally friendly way, but it can also survive any falls in the bathroom without damage. When it comes to the formula, we focus on skin-friendly ingredients. However, we generally refrain from animal testing. Because we believe that no animal should suffer for our personal care.

The star is called Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

Most soaps can remove dirt from your skin. The Mootes liquid soap Mountain Pass also contains effective substances that ensure thorough yet gentle cleaning. At the same time, however, we also ensure that harmful bacteria are killed. The star of our liquid soap is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. This is a substance obtained from the leaves of aloe vera. This medicinal plant has been used for thousands of years because it is said to have a variety of skin-care properties. It is said to not only have an antioxidant effect and help with a variety of skin problems, but also to support your skin's moisture retention. To ensure that you smell good after washing, Mountain Pass provides a multi-layered, spicy, exotic scent experience.

Use the Mootes liquid soap Mountain Pass for thorough, gentle and nourishing cleansing of your skin

The Mootes liquid soap Mountain Pass has all this to offer:

  • Thorough yet gentle skin cleansing
  • natural skin care thanks to Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
  • Swiss made
  • completely cruelty-free
  • exotic-spicy mootes scent

The Mountain Pass scent

Mountains determine the geography of Switzerland. That's why trading caravans used to often have to laboriously transport their valuable cargo over mountain passes to the lower-lying cities of our Alpine republic. These caravans were then surrounded by a veritable cloud of aromas made of exotic spices and other oriental scents. This is exactly what our Mountain Pass fragrance composition, which is made entirely in Switzerland and consists of selected and optimally complementary essential oils, is reminiscent of. The noble base is tart and woody-spicy-smelling cedar. An exciting counterpoint to this is aromatic clary sage, which also has a subtle citrus note. With a powerful accord of stimulating basil, aromatic laurel, invigorating rosemary and intense thyme, our noses delve deep into the world of spices. There is also black pepper, which is responsible for a masculine spiciness. A small nuance of coriander - because here less is often more - and a touch of seductive vanilla ensure the harmonious rounding off. We are sure: Anyone who likes sophisticated, spicy fragrance compositions will love Mountain Pass.

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