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Liquid soap Knight Rider - Mootes

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Because we use soap every day and the ingredients literally get under our skin, you should carefully compare different products. Of course, you can also use the Mootes liquid soap Knight Rider. Because it contains everything that a good soap should contain.

Environmentally friendly and regionally produced

Animals had to suffer for years for our personal care. But that’s over – at least for our products. Accordingly, we do not test on animals for the Mootes liquid soap Knight Rider and do not use any animal products in the recipe. We also do not use other problematic ingredients such as microplastics and parabens. We also produce our liquid soap in Switzerland. This means we can guarantee you long-term high quality and minimize your and our ecological footprint thanks to short transport routes.

The best of aloe vera for your skin

But can the Mootes liquid soap convince Knight Rider despite these limitations in terms of its core competencies? Yes! Because it not only cleanses your skin thoroughly, but also gently. In addition, it also has nourishing properties. The aloe vera extract contained in it is primarily responsible for this. This is a medicinal plant that has been used for many years. Aloe vera can not only moisturize the skin, but also support it in regeneration . No wonder that it is often used for sensitive skin and for the natural treatment of small wounds. On top of that there is the popular Mootes scent Knight Rider, which impresses with noble wood notes and bitter juniper.

Discover the Mootes liquid soap Knight Rider for your skin!

The highlights of the Mootes liquid soap Knight Rider:

  • cleanses your skin thoroughly yet gently
  • with the natural power of aloe vera
  • regional production
  • without animal testing and animal ingredients
  • masculine Mootes fragrance Knight Rider

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jan Albert Eckert

Sehr zufrieden damit. Sowohl Duft als auch die Textur stimmen für mich perfekt. Zusätzlich ein gutes Gefühl zu wissen, dass die Seife regional und aus ökologischen Inhaltsstoffen hergestellt ist.

Marcel Müller

Ich benutze die Knight Rider Liquid Soap auf meinem Gäste-WC und bekomme nur positive Feedbacks betreffend den Duft.


Für mich als Petrolhead etwas zu waldiges Aroma. Aber Augen zu und vorstellen du fährstmit deinem V8 HotRod oder Custom Motorbike durch den Tannenwald und dein Körper & Bart spührt die frische Brise.... Ansonsten macht diese LIQUID SOAP was sie machen soll - SIE REINIGT BESTENS!

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