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Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive - Mootes
Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive - Mootes
Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive - Mootes

Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive - Mootes

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Special scent compositions can transcend space and time. You only have to sniff it briefly and in a few seconds you will be at your personal place of longing with all your senses. That's how it is with us with the Mootes Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive.

The perfect mix of ocean, city and beach

To us, the Mootes Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive smells like Miami Beach. The street Ocean Drive runs right next to the ocean and like a jump into the cool waters, our fragrance starts with fresh, revitalizing bergamot. After swimming in the sea, we stop at one of the classic Art Deco-style restaurants on Ocean Drive. For us, this is the combination of the sensually floral-scented ylang-ylang and a touch of mystical, balsamic patchouli. After we have enjoyed the city life of Miami to the fullest, we slowly end the day on the long sandy beach of Miami Beach with a delicious cocktail. We combine citrus-fruity grapefruit with tart bitter orange, which not only smells sweet, but also adds a tart, masculine dimension to the fragrance composition. The day ends seductively with a hint of vanilla.

Our Eau de Parfums have a lot to offer

Why you should choose one of our Eau de Parfums? Because of their particularly high proportion of the best vegetable oils. You can pack deodorants or simple eau de toilettes. Accordingly, with the Mootes Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive, just a few spritzes from the ocean blue bottle are enough to smell good for a long time. Of course, we also focus on the best ingredients in our Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive. To achieve this, we do not use problematic chemical ingredients, animal components or animal testing. We also have something against long transport routes and that's why we produce our Eau de Parfums in Switzerland.

Experience Miami Beach with all your senses – a spritz of Mootes Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive is enough!

The Mootes Eau de Parfum Ocean Drive has a lot to offer:

  • Maritime-urban combination of ocean freshness, citrus fruit and mystical seduction
  • intense scent
  • particularly long-lasting
  • without animal testing or animal ingredients
  • Swiss made


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Customer Reviews

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Andreas Hess

Dieser Duft erinnert mich an den Pilgerweg an der Küste im Nördlichen Spanien bei san Diago di C.

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