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Body lotion Ocean Drive - Mootes

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Harmful environmental influences lurk everywhere. Luckily, we have an effective protective shield against this with our skin. But who protects the skin from damage, cares for it and ensures that it looks attractive and smells good? That's what we do - with the Mootes Ocean Drive body lotion.

Good for you and our environment

But what makes Mootes Body Lotion Ocean Drive different from similar products? On the one hand, we leave out what might not be good for you or our environment. We do not use artificial preservatives and problematic mineral oils as well as parabens and PEG in the recipe. On the other hand, our body lotion is cruelty-free and vegan, as many of our customers and we also have a heart for animals. In order to reduce transport routes and thus minimize our ecological footprint, production takes place in Switzerland.

Ocean Drive scent:

For us, Ocean Drive is like a day at the sea. Not just any day, of course, but a sunny summer day, where we look out over the cool waters of the ocean with a tropical cocktail in hand, which seems to merge into the bright blue sky in the distance. For Ocean Drive we use exquisite essential oils, which we combine for you in Switzerland to create a summery fragrance composition.

Your refreshing jump into the ocean is symbolized by bergamot, which not only smells sparkling and fresh, but also has a subtle floral scent. Citrus-fruity grapefruit and tart-sweet bitter orange represent the revitalizing coolness of the water. Your body will soon get used to the water temperature and you will feel a sense of well-being - expressed by the combination of woody-balsamic patchouli and floral-sensual ylang-ylang. While you let yourself drift in the ocean, a fine vanilla note provides an exotic, seductive ending for a feeling of pure happiness.

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