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Beard Shampoo Mountain Pass - Mootes

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With Mootes Beardwash Mountain Pass, is there a good reason for beard wearers to use a special shampoo for your beard? We'll give you ten!

  1. It is specially tailored to the needs of your beard and sensitive facial skin and supplies it with numerous important ingredients.
  2. Our beard shampoo consists exclusively of natural ingredients.
  3. Surfactants obtained from coconut fatty acids not only clean your beard gently, but are also ideal for sensitive facial skin.
  4. These surfactants also ensure a stable and fine-pored foam, but are also biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.
  5. Real marshmallow root provides your facial skin with valuable moisture.
  6. Golden bamboo has a skin-smoothing effect, keeping your look fresh and youthful.
  7. Olive leaf extract actively supports skin regeneration and reduces tension.
  8. Sage leaf extract gently smoothes the skin on the face. This reduces wrinkles or even makes them disappear completely.
  9. For this version of Mootes Beardwash, we use our exotic Mountain Pass as a special scent. Here selected pleasant smells combine to create a unique fragrance composition. These include sweet vanilla, tart cedar wood, aromatic clary sage, black pepper and, to round it off, some coriander for freshness.
  10. Our beard shampoo is 100 percent made in Switzerland. This reduces transport routes and we can also guarantee you consistently high product quality.
  11. We deliver Mootes Beardwash Mountain Pass to you in a glass bottle that is equipped with a practical dosing dispenser. This means you can easily remove the exact amount you need for any beard length.
  12. Our beard shampoo is so economical that the content of 100 ml is sufficient for many beard washes. At the same time, the bottle is so small that you can easily fit it in your luggage.

Oops! Actually, we just wanted to present you ten good reasons for our beard shampoo. We probably lost some of our enthusiasm there. But just try for yourself why we are so convinced of Mootes Beardwash Mountain Pass.

The Mountain Pass scent

Mountains determine the geography of Switzerland. That's why trade caravans used to often have to laboriously transport their valuable cargo over mountain passes to the lower-lying cities of our Alpine republic. These caravans were then surrounded by a veritable cloud of aromas made of exotic spices and other oriental scents. Our Mountain Pass fragrance composition, which is made entirely in Switzerland and consists of selected and optimally complementary essential oils, is reminiscent of exactly this. The noble base is tart and woody-spicy-smelling cedar. An exciting counterpoint to this is aromatic clary sage, which also has a fine citrus note. With a powerful accord of stimulating basil, aromatic laurel, invigorating rosemary and intense thyme, our noses delve deep into the world of spices. There is also black pepper, which is responsible for a masculine spiciness. A small nuance of coriander - because here less is often more - and a touch of seductive vanilla ensure the harmonious rounding off. We are sure: Anyone who likes sophisticated, spicy fragrance compositions will love Mountain Pass.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Super angenehmer Duft und der Bart wird schön geschmeidig. Schäumt nicht zu sehr, was mir persönlich gefällt.

Andreas Lüthi

Bin super zufrieden mein Bart ist schön weich nach der anwendung und die Haut juckt nicht mehr ein super Produkt, verwenden es jeden Tag.
Der duft ist auch sehr sanft ein super Shampo


Der Duft vom Bartshampoo ist super, die Flasche sehr handlich und das gesamte wirkt sehr edel. Leichter Dämpfer ist allerdings dass der Schäumungseffekt etwas verhalten auszufallen scheint. Hier bin ich von anderen Bartshampoos Anderes gewohnt.

Patric Gutmann

Sehr gutes Bartshampoo sehr ergibig. Praktischer als mit der Seife super sache

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