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Bartbalsam North Laine - Mootes
Bartbalsam North Laine - Mootes
Bartbalsam North Laine - Mootes

Beard balm North Laine - Mootes

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Do you have a beard and want your facial hair to not only lie perfectly and look attractive, but also be optimally cared for and smell good ? Then we have just the thing for you: our Mootes North Laine beard balm.

Naturally good for styling and caring for your beard

The best from nature is just good enough for your beard. For this reason, we do not use any questionable artificial additives in the Mootes Beard Balm North Laine. We also rely on local production in Switzerland and thus minimize climate-damaging transport routes. Because we don't want animals to have to suffer to style and care for our beards, our products are also cruelty-free.

Perfect combination of beeswax, vegetable oils and shea butter

But what exactly makes Mootes Beard Balm North Laine so good? It is the optimal combination of natural ingredients of the best quality . This starts with beeswax, which offers your hair a firm hold and helps you shape your beard into the desired shape. Selected plant oils – such as almond and jojoba oil – provide vitamins and moisturize. Shea butter goes perfectly with this. This acts as a protective shield against moisture loss and harmful environmental influences. With North Laine, the urban scent with an exotic touch, our beard balm also offers a special pleasant smell for the nose.

The benefits of Mootes Beard Balm North Laine:

  • Beard styling according to your wishes
  • nourishing properties for a healthy beard
  • with nutrient-rich vegetable oils, beeswax and shea butter
  • Produced here in Switzerland

Scent North Laine:

The vibrant metropolis where diverse cultures meet, connect and create something new and exciting: that's exactly what North Laine is. The scent consists of a wide variety of essential oils, which we combine in Switzerland to create an exciting scent for you.

Petitgrain is responsible for the fresh start and immediately indicates the complexity of the fragrance composition through the combination of tart bitter orange, sweet mandarin, fruity orange and sour lemon. Our city is cosmopolitan - the olfactory ranges from the local forest smell of spruce needles to the oriental, spicy-sweet scent of myrrh to the noble scent of balsamic cedar wood. Tart, aromatic juniper goes surprisingly well with it. But there are still surprising things to discover in small streets. For example, the allspice berry, which combines numerous spicy scents such as nutmeg, clove and cinnamon.

For us, North Laine is the ideal scent for going out in the city in a chic evening - either with good friends or the love of your life - and enjoying the urban diversity.

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