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Bart- und Duschseife Knight Rider - Mootes
Bart- und Duschseife Knight Rider - Mootes
Bart- und Duschseife Knight Rider - Mootes
Bart- und Duschseife Knight Rider - Mootes
Bart- und Duschseife Knight Rider - Mootes
Bart- und Duschseife Knight Rider - Mootes
Bart- und Duschseife Knight Rider - Mootes
Bart- und Duschseife Knight Rider - Mootes
Bart- und Duschseife Knight Rider - Mootes
Bart- und Duschseife Knight Rider - Mootes

Beard and shower soap Knight Rider - Mootes

CHF 16.90
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Our beard soap is made entirely by hand in Switzerland and contains all the ingredients your facial hair needs. In addition, it not only reliably cleans your beard and the facial skin underneath, but also nourishes your skin and hair by supplying them with important nutrients. This is made possible by a number of selected ingredients of the best quality - in a sense, the A-Team for beard cleaning and care from Mootes.

The first part of this A-team is probably an old friend for many: aloe vera. Real aloe is a well-known natural remedy and contains a whole range of valuable amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. These particularly benefit the facial skin by helping against redness and swelling. Aloe vera also has an anti-inflammatory effect and contains pain-relieving salicylic acid. The second member of the A-Team, however, is a little insider tip: allantoin. The imidazolidine occurs naturally in selected plants, soothes the skin and helps it heal and renew cells. The three most important ingredients in our beard soap also include Edelweiss extract, a real Swiss original. This not only fights skin aging, but also protects it from free radicals.

To ensure that the Mootes beard soap not only cleans and gently cares for your beard, but also smells good, we offer it in various exciting scents. One of them is the “Knight Rider” variant, which has a pleasantly masculine scent and is particularly effective at late hours. The composition contains everything you need to smell good, from A for amyris to Z for cypress grass. In our opinion, the Mootes beard soap “Knight Rider” is particularly suitable for bearded night owls.

We packaged the beard soap in a black aluminum can with a red front. This not only looks good, but also provides reliable protection. Treat your beard to something good now and order the Mootes “Knight Rider” beard soap.

Knight Rider fragrance

He's coming - Knight Rider. A scent, mysterious, masculine. Knight Rider is a masculine, mythical and very exciting composition of essential oils that is particularly effective at night and is 100 percent made in Switzerland. The base is formed by the scents of noble woods, for which essential amyris, noble fir and vetiver oils are responsible. Together with the aromatic juniper and cypress grass, the result is a perfectly balanced odor composition that those who love beard care can use to refine their facial hair.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ivo Lutz

Super Seife, dank der Seifenbox hält sie sehr lang.
Angenehmer Duft


Auch die Bartseife « Knight Rider » hält was sie verspricht. Nebst der aufregenden Duftnote, ist die Seife weich in der Konsistenz, was das einreiben im Gesicht erleichtert und entwickelt beim einmassieren, einen luftigen, angenehmen Schaum. Nach dem Wascherlebnis quietschen die Barhaare förmlich vor Sauberkeit. Darauf ein Finish mit dem passenden Balsam und abgez...

Walter Frischknecht

Wie immer ein super Produkt mit sehr inspirierendem Duft!

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