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Bar soap Dirty Boy - Mootes

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Do you get really dirty or sweat a lot in your job or in your free time? Then we have exactly the right product for you to quickly present yourself as clean, well-groomed and smelling good : our Mootes bar soap Dirty Boy Soap in the popular block format.

Our dark soap for your bright joy

The Mootes bar soap Dirty Boy Soap is not only characterized by a stylish dark look. It also depends on what is in it and what is not. We avoid questionable chemical additives, animal ingredients and animal testing. Instead, we prefer to use herbal ingredients of the best quality . Regional production in Switzerland also guarantees consistently high product quality and shortest transport distances. In this way, we further improve the good ecological balance that block soaps generally offer.

Because it's good for your skin: activated charcoal, aloe vera and almond oil

The black color of our Mootes bar soap Dirty Boy Soap is more than just a gag. Activated charcoal is responsible for the dark look, which cleanses your skin particularly thoroughly and can draw impurities and dirt out of the pores. It has a gentle effect and helps to gently remove dead skin cells. Our soap also contains aloe vera. The plant is said not only to soothe and moisturize the skin, but also to have healing properties. Finally, almond oil offers full nutritional power, which always keeps your skin looking good. The special combination of spicy sage, aromatic laurel and black pepper - refined with a fine cedar scent and a touch of vanilla - ensures a complex fragrance experience.

Not only does it look chic, it also cares, smells and feels good: the Mootes bar soap Dirty Boy Soap

That's why we recommend the Mootes bar soap Dirty Boy Soap:

  • with activated carbon for thorough and gentle cleaning
  • with aloe vera and almond oil for moisture and nutrients
  • well suited for demanding skin
  • completely vegan
  • sophisticated, spicy fragrance composition

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