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Aftershave Balm Wood - Mootes

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Does your facial skin feel uncomfortable or even burn after shaving? We have something for that: our Mootes Aftershave Balm Wood. It smells pleasant, absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy film on the skin and has numerous other advantages.

Natural skin care after shaving

Why travel far away when the good stuff is so close? We don't produce the Mootes Aftershave Balm Wood for you just anywhere, but locally in Switzerland. This saves us a lot of climate-damaging carbon dioxide during transport and we can also guarantee you consistently high quality. As you are used to from Mootes, carefully selected ingredients are used for this product.

The best for your facial skin thanks to Aloe Vera & Co

We are fighting razor burn with menthyl lactate. This is a compound of menthol and lactic acid that provides a pleasant cooling effect when it comes into contact with the skin. We use the medicinal plant aloe vera to relax facial skin that has been stressed by shaving. It not only provides valuable moisture, but also brings plenty of vitamin power that your skin can really use after shaving. Another component of natural skin care is bisabolol. This is one of the main components of the oil extracted from chamomile, which supports skin regeneration and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. "Wood" provides a pleasant smell. This composition we created combines fresh, woody and spicy notes to create a noble and masculine scent.

Give your stressed facial skin what it needs after shaving and try the Mootes Aftershave Balm Wood.

This is what makes the Mootes Aftershave Balm Wood so good:

  • 100 percent Swiss Made
  • with natural ingredients and vegan
  • Aloe vera, bisabolol and menthyl lactate are good for your skin
  • quickly absorbed without greasy film
  • fresh, woody-spicy scent «Wood»

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christoph Lutz

Very pleasant, soothing and gentle on the skin. The scent is very discreet and the bottle has a good design that goes well with the Eau de Toilette (Mountain Pass). I would definitely recommend buying it.

K. Raouf

I'm usually a big fan of Mootes products, but this aftershave was just disappointing. Indefinable smell, somehow meaningless. The consistency, on the other hand, is amazing.


Absorbs very quickly and is perfect for sensitive skin. The scent isn't really my thing, but that's a matter of taste. Luckily the scent isn't too penetrating and wears off pretty quickly.


Great product. I always had to deal with a rash. Since using this product I no longer have a rash. After applying it, it immediately soothes the skin.


Legendary. I bought this on impulse and it massively exceeded my expectations. After using it, my skin feels like it's been reborn.

Do you know that feeling when the label says "absorbs completely" but it just isn't true? Annoying. Mootes does it better. After a short time, there are no noticeable residues.

Absolutely recommended for anyone who prefers a balm to alcohol-based aftershaves.

The presentation is very appealing. Some people might prefer a pump. You always have to shake the product out of the small bottle opening a little. I don't find it annoying.

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