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WAHL is a leading company in the production of hair clippers. Their wide range of products ranges from hair clippers and beard trimmers to professional care products. Known for their durability and precision, WAHL devices have established themselves as indispensable tools in hair salons and barbershops worldwide. What is good enough for the professional also impresses the private user. The outstanding performance of their products makes WAHL the first choice for anyone who values ​​quality.

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Out of stock

Razor Super Close - WAHL

CHF 54.00

Razor Mobile Shaver - WAHL

CHF 24.00

Nose hair trimmer and detailer Micro Lithium - WAHL

CHF 24.00

Beard and Body Trimmer Stainless Steel Trimmer - WAHL

CHF 165.00
Out of stock

Shaving foil with lamellar blades for WAHL Finale - WAHL

CHF 39.95

Shaving foil for WAHL Finale - WAHL

CHF 39.95

Razor Finale - WAHL

CHF 165.00

Hairdryer 5-Star-Series Barber Dryer – WAHL

CHF 109.00

Cutting set for WAHL Stainless Steel Trimmer T-Wide - WAHL

CHF 24.00

Hairdryer Travel - CHOICE

CHF 24.90

Razor Vanish Shaver - WAHL

CHF 169.00

Hair clipper Super Taper Chrome - WAHL

CHF 139.00

Blade Ice Spray - WAHL

CHF 14.90

Machine oil - Special Blade Oil - WAHL

CHF 10.40

Cutting blade for WAHL hair clippers - WAHL

CHF 35.00

Cutting blade for WAHL Detailer T-Wide - WAHL

CHF 44.95

Cutting bladefor WAHL Magic Clip and Senior

CHF 45.00

Cutting blade for WAHL Beret - WAHL

CHF 40.00

Cutting blade for WAHL Stainless Steel Trimmer - WAHL

CHF 24.00

Attachment combs set of 3 for hair clippers - WAHL

CHF 17.00

Attachment combs set of 10 for hair clippers - WAHL

CHF 59.00

Hair clipper Magic Clip Cordless - WAHL

CHF 198.00

Hair clipper Magic Clip - WAHL

CHF 139.00

Hair clipper Legend Clipper - WAHL

CHF 139.00
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We also have all products that you can order online in stock.
Orders that we received by 2 p.m. and that you have already paid for with credit card, PayPal or Twint are usually processed and shipped on the same day.
If you order on account and are a new customer, we will ship as soon as we have received payment.

Delivery fee: CHF 7.50
Delivery fee for small packages: CHF 4.50
For orders over CHF 100.00 we ship free of charge within Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

You have the option of ordering samples of many care products. The best way to do this is to contact us by phone, email or via online chat during opening hours.

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