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Marvis adds a touch of Italianata to daily brushing. It's not just about cleanliness, it's about a taste experience that ranges from refreshing mint to creative flavor combinations. But don't worry, while your taste buds are happy, the formula will also ensure a radiant smile. If you want to turn your oral care into a stylish ritual and don't want to miss out on top quality, Marvis is a must.

Zahnpasta Classic Strong Mint - Marvis
Zahnpasta Classic Strong Mint - Marvis

Toothpaste Classic Strong Mint - Marvis

FromCHF 5.50
Zahnpasta Whitening Mint - Marvis
Zahnpasta Whitening Mint - Marvis

Toothpaste Whitening Mint - Marvis

FromCHF 6.50
Zahnpasta Aquatic Mint - Marvis

Toothpaste Aquatic Mint - Marvis

CHF 11.90
Zahnpasta Zimt - Marvis

Toothpaste Cinnamon - Marvis

CHF 11.90
Zahnpasta Ingwer - Marvis

Toothpaste Ginger - Marvis

CHF 11.90
Zahnpasta Licorice Mint - Marvis

Toothpaste Licorice Mint - Marvis

CHF 11.90

Toothpaste Rhubarb - Marvis

CHF 11.90

Toothpaste Black Forest - Marvis

CHF 11.90

Zahnpasta Orange Blossom Bloom - Marvis

CHF 11.90
Mundwasser Zimt - Marvis

Mouthwash Cinnamon - Marvis

CHF 13.90
Mundwasser Spearmint - Marvis

Mouthwash Spearmint - Marvis

CHF 13.90


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