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Dr. Bronner

Dr. Bronner's stands for more than just excellent care products. It embodies a philosophy of awareness and responsibility, embedded in organic and fair trade principles. Every product, be it soap or body lotion, is an expression of passion for quality and respect for our earth. These deeply rooted values ​​make Dr. Bronner's has become a brand that goes beyond the ordinary. It's the promise of better, sustainable care in every bottle.

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Liquid soap lavender - Dr. Bronner

FromCHF 5.60

Liquid Soap Shikakai Lemongrass & Lime - Dr. Bronner

CHF 19.90

Liquid Soap Shikakai Neutral Mild - Dr. Bronner

CHF 19.90

Liquid soap Shikakai Lavender - Dr. Bronner

CHF 19.90

Bar soap lemon & orange - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Bar soap tea tree - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Bar soap almond - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90
Out of stock

Bar soap lavender - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Bar soap eucalyptus - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Body lotion orange & lavender - Dr. Bronner

CHF 19.90

Liquid soap lemon & orange - Dr. Bronner

FromCHF 5.60

Liquid soap tea tree - Dr. Bronner

FromCHF 5.60

Liquid soap peppermint - Dr. Bronner

FromCHF 5.60

Neutral liquid soap - Dr. Bronner

FromCHF 5.60

Liquid soap almond - Dr. Bronner

FromCHF 5.60

Liquid soap eucalyptus - Dr. Bronner

FromCHF 5.60

Liquid soap Shikakai tea tree - Dr. Bronner

CHF 19.90

Liquid soap Shikakai peppermint - Dr. Bronner

CHF 19.90

Bar peppermint soap - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Bar soap neutral mild - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Body lotion peppermint - Dr. Bronner

CHF 19.90

Patchouli & Lime Body Lotion - Dr. Bronner

CHF 19.90

Body lotion lavender & coconut - Dr. Bronner

CHF 19.90

Liquid soap sandalwood & jasmine - Dr. Bronner

CHF 13.60
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