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Bar Soap

Mootes Dirty Boy Soap

Bar soap Dirty Boy - Mootes

CHF 16.00
Mootes Mountain Pass Soap

Bar soap Mountain Pass - Mootes

CHF 16.00
Mootes Knight Rider Soap

Bar soap Knight Rider - Mootes

CHF 16.00
Mootes Ocean Drive Soap

Bar soap Ocean Drive - Mootes

CHF 16.00
Mootes Hidden Beach Soap

Bar soap Hidden Beach - Mootes

CHF 16.00

Bar soap Mauvais garçon - Clean Hugs

CHF 12.00
Out of stock

Shower Soap - DR Harris

CHF 24.00

Bar soap Fière allure - Clean Hugs

CHF 12.00

Bar soap lemon & orange - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Bar soap tea tree - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Bar soap almond - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90
Out of stock

Bar soap lavender - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Bar soap eucalyptus - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Bar soap Oeil au beurre noir - Clean Hugs

CHF 12.00

Bar soap Vaillant - Clean Hugs

CHF 12.00

Sandalwood Bar Soap - Geo. F. Trumper

CHF 39.90

Shower soap Spanish Leather - Geo. F. Trumper

CHF 24.90

Shower soap sandalwood - Geo. F. Trumper

CHF 25.00

Bar peppermint soap - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90

Bar soap neutral mild - Dr. Bronner

CHF 8.90


We also have all products that you can order online in stock.
Orders that we received by 2 p.m. and that you have already paid for with credit card, PayPal or Twint are usually processed and shipped on the same day.
If you order on account and are a new customer, we will ship as soon as we have received payment.

Delivery fee: CHF 7.50
Delivery fee for small packages: CHF 4.50
For orders over CHF 100.00 we ship free of charge within Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

You have the option of ordering samples of many care products. The best way to do this is to contact us by phone, email or via online chat during opening hours.

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