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Pomade & Co <br>Für Dein perfektes Haarstyling

We've been talking a lot about beard hair recently in the blog. Of course, you also want to shape and style the hair on your head. There are numerous options and alternatives for the perfect hair styling depending on your requirements and preferences. After reading this blog article you will know which hair styling product suits you and your hair best . We will also give you a few tips on how to use it.


pomade is for us and many of our customers the number one hair styling product . Because it doesn't just shape your hairstyle. With many high-quality pomades, your hair remains manageable, receives important nutrients and does not dry out. The application is incredibly easy. Simply add the desired amount of the respective pomade to dry or slightly damp hair. Then distribute them as evenly as possible. You can then style the hairstyle you want either with your fingers or a comb - depending on whether you like it a little wilder or more structured. But not all pomades are the same. That's why we'll briefly outline the most important variants.

Oil-based pomades

Classic films like Grease would have looked completely different without them: Oil-based pomades. The decisive advantage here is this particularly strong hold . With high-quality products of this type, your hairstyle stays in the desired shape all day long. At the same time, oil-based pomades give your hair a shiny and well-groomed look - just like the polish you might give your car's paint every now and then. This type of pomade is ideal for classic hairstyles from the 50s or 60s and is especially the best choice for the slick back, where the hair is gelled back in a cool way.

Water-based pomades

Oil-based pomades are not for everyone and are not the best choice in all weather conditions. An alternative are Water-based pomades. These are often more pleasant, especially in strong sunlight and high temperatures. She They can also be washed out easily and offer a more variable hold . You can easily adjust the strength to your needs based on the amount of product used and the remaining moisture in the hair. The shine of your hair looks more natural with water-based pomades, what a particularly casual look ensures.

Matte pomades

With matt pomades Do you stay flexible . This type of pomade is available in different consistencies and strengths. This ranges from light to medium to firm and extra strong hold. This means you can flexibly adapt the hold of your hairstyle to your wishes. A light and medium hold is particularly practical if you want to restyle your hair throughout the day. But this is what all variants have in common matte finish .

Creamy pomades

Similar to matt are also convincing creamy pomades thanks to a flexible hold that you can vary throughout the day. Creamy pomades are also suitable Particularly good for wavy or curly hair , which can often pose particular challenges to other pomades due to the hair structure. The shine often appears very natural with creamy pomades.

Grooming tonic

You want to Give your hair more volume ? Then Grooming tonic the perfect choice for you. Because it is liquid, it is particularly easy to distribute through the hair. Use the grooming tonic before the actual styling. You can apply it to both damp and dry hair. If you use it when your hair is still damp and then blow-dry it, the increase in volume is particularly great. After distributing it into dry hair, it acts like a pomade with a firm hold. Grooming Tonic is particularly suitable if your hair is rather fine and straight.

Sea Salt Spray

Have you ever gone swimming in the sea and then simply let your hair dry in the sun? The result is a stylish beach look . With the Sea Salt Spray You can also enjoy this after your beach vacation. To do this, apply the spray to hair that is still slightly damp or already dry. If you like it wild, you can tousle your hair a little afterwards. This means your hairstyle looks absolutely natural, but still has a great grip. With the Sea Salt Spray you will still feel like you are on holiday even after the most wonderful time of the year.


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