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Straight Razor Bergischer Löwe 6/8" Pointed Back Ebony - Dovo

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With the DOVO Razor 3 in 6/8 inches, also known as the “Bergischer Löwe”, we present a masterpiece of razor art. This exclusive razor is characterized by its Spanish head, a finely crafted blade with gold decorations and elegant ebony handle scales. The Bergischer Löwe is a homage to the Solingen region and proudly adorns every handmade razor.

Material: silver steel with gold decoration

High-quality carbon steel 1.2210, decorated with 24 carat gold, forms the basis of this exquisite razor.

Handle material: Fine ebony

The handle made of black ebony, one of the most valuable woods, is characterized by its hardness and weight. This allows for the creation of a handle that retains its shape even in humid environments.

Blade description: Spanish head

The razor impresses with a Spanish head, a colorful back, a concave mirror and a thumb hole for optimal guidance. GRIND The fully hollow grind, concave from the back to the cutting edge, gives the razor flexibility and high torsional rigidity. The blade dynamics ensure a gentle shave and a characteristic sound.

Blade width: 6/8 inch for thoroughness and comfort

With a blade width of 6/8 inches, the razor is suitable for men with a heavy beard. The blade's high weight and smooth running behavior make it particularly efficient and comfortable, even on smooth areas of the face.

This is what distinguishes the DOVO razor “Bergischer Löwe”:

  • Exclusive design with Spanish head and gold decorations
  • Elegant handle made of black ebony for the highest quality
  • Full hollow grind for a gentle and precise shave
  • Exciting contrast between tradition and innovation
  • Proud heraldic animal as a symbol of quality and loyalty to the homeland

Experience the perfection of shaving with the DOVO razor “Bergischer Löwe”. Immerse yourself in the tradition, feel the quality and enjoy the mastery of this unique razor. Get your companion for demanding wet shaving now and experience the art of shaving at the highest level!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mike Gemmet

Sehr edles und hochwertiges Rasiermesser, so wie es von Solingener Produkte bekannt ist. Liegt gut in der Hand. Singende Klinge (Man hört wie die Haare abgeschnitten werden). Spanischer Kopf perfekt auch für Konturen. 6/8 Zoll ideal für mich als Rasieranfänger. Rasierscharf direkt aus der Box.

Zum Messer werden PDF Datein mit Tipps zur Nassrasu, Messertechnik und Pflege gemailt. Es wird auch eine Adresse angegeben, um das Rasiermesser bei einem Profi schleifen zu lassen.

Danke Mootes, einfacht top!


Erstklassiges Rasiermesser, gutes Gewicht und liegt sehr ausgeglichen in der Hand.
Messer ist schon rasierscharf und somit sofort einsatzbereit.

Vielen Dank an das Mootes Team ich wurde sehr gut bei einem feinen Kaffee beraten !
Gerne wieder !

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