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Straight Razor Barbarossa straight head 5/8 inch - Dovo

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Discover the ideal tool for barbers and beard wearers with the DOVO Barbarossa in 5/8 inch. The short blade enables exceptionally precise and maneuverable handling to shape your beard with millimeter precision. As a visual highlight, this masterpiece features a fine engraving of the famous bearded Emperor Barbarossa.

Material: Quality in the silver steel tradition

The razor is made of high-quality carbon steel 1.2210, better known as silver steel. By carefully heating it to over 1000 degrees and immediately quenching it in special oil, the blade achieves a hardness of around 61 HRC. The subsequent tempering at around 200 degrees gives elasticity and toughness, making this masterpiece a reliable companion.

Handle material: The beauty of olive wood

The handle is made from unique olive wood, a natural material that is harder than local woods and has impressive resistance to mold growth. Even untreated, olive wood is characterized by its above-average water resistance, making it the perfect choice for razors, shaving brushes and shavettes.

Cut: Fully hollow for unique precision

The hollow grind of the razor, ground concavely from the back to the cutting edge, combines high flexibility with torsional rigidity in a longitudinal shape. The blade dynamics ensure a gentle shave, accompanied by a characteristic sound that underlines the quality of this masterpiece.

Blade description: Grading head for maximum precision

The classic straight head of the razor ends directly at the tip at a 90° angle. This shape enables precise contouring and the shaving of dimples. This feature is particularly suitable for experienced users who are looking for absolute precision.

Blade width: 5/8 inch - Versatile and agile

With a blade width of 5/8 inch, this razor is a real all-rounder that masters every classic wet shaving task with flying colors. The relatively heavy blade glides smoothly over the skin while remaining agile for precise work, especially in technically challenging areas such as the nose, ears and chin.

This is what sets the Barbarossa olive wood razor apart:

  • Precise grade head for contour design
  • Unique olive wood for durability
  • High quality carbon steel for durability
  • Full hollow grind for gentle and precise shaving
  • Exclusive engraving of the famous bearded Emperor Barbarossa

Discover the art of precise shaving with the DOVO Barbarossa olive wood razor and shape your beard with a master's hand!

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