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Shaving stick Arlington - DR Harris

CHF 23.90
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The Arlington Shaving Stick contains a solid white shaving soap of the highest quality. Triple milled to make the foam richer and more luxurious. This gentle soap is scented with Arlington, a classic blend of citrus and fern. Incredibly economical, each stick lasts for several months.

Possible applications

Lathered by hand

With this method, you need to wet your face completely. Rub the shaving stick over the area to be shaved. After lathering your face, lather the soap with your hands. Simply make circular movements over the soaped area. In this way a nice foam is formed.

Foamed with a brush

Moisten your face and shaving brush sufficiently and soap the area to be shaved with the shaving stick. With the damp shaving brush, make circular movements over the soaped area until a creamy foam is created.

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