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Rasierpinsel Ständer - Mootes
Rasierpinsel Ständer - Mootes
Rasierpinsel Ständer - Mootes

Shaving Brush Stand - Mootes

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A shaving brush is an almost essential utensil for classic wet shaving. It is not only used to mix the shaving foam, but also helps to distribute it evenly over the areas of skin to be shaved. But where do you store your shaving brush when you don't need it? Somewhere in the closet so you have to look for it before every wet shave or on the sink where it always seems to be in the way? We have a better suggestion.

This stylish stand is the optimal storage place for your shaving brush - at least if it is a model from the Mootes brand. Because the head of the shaving brush stand is precisely tailored to Moote's shaving brush. What is crucial here is the slightly curved and “U” shaped head of the stand, which is dimensioned so that you can hang the shaving brush here with the handle pointing upwards. The vertical neck of the shaving brush stand ends in a round base plate that ensures a secure stand.

We use chrome-plated metal as a material. Not only does it shine very elegantly in a light silver tone, but it is also extremely easy to care for. For example, water splashes or shaving foam residues can be removed with a soft cloth, even without special cleaning agents, without leaving unsightly marks on the surface.

Of course, a wet shave doesn't just require a shaving brush. Maybe you also use a Mootes safety razor. Then you will find a suitable stand for this in our shop. Why are we writing this? Because its design is perfectly tailored to exactly this shaving brush stand. As a chic unit, both of them - hung with the right shaving utensils - visually enhance your personal shaving lounge at home and at the same time ensure order.

If you choose the Mootes shaving brush stand, we will deliver it to you in a stylish box made of sturdy cardboard. This not only ensures safe storage, but is also a real eye-catcher thanks to its great retro look in the typical Mootes design.

Customer Reviews

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Lorenz Dürmüller

Ich war ab der ersten Sekunde begeistert von der Qualität. Man erwartet nur ein drittel des Gewichts, welcher der Pinselhalter auf die Waage bringt. Daher steht er solide an Ort und Stelle, auch wenn man mit seifigen Fingern den Pinsel davon wegnehmen oder daran hängen möchte.

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