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Rasierpinsel Chrom anthrazit ziseliert - Mootes
Rasierpinsel Chrom anthrazit ziseliert - Mootes

Shaving brush chrome anthracite chiseled - Mootes

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In principle, a wet shave without a shaving brush is possible, but in our opinion it is not recommended. Because why should you do without a shaving utensil that can be used to whip up shaving foam until it becomes wonderfully foamy and then easily distribute it gently and evenly over the areas of skin to be shaved? Our Mootes shaving brush with its matt chrome-plated, anthracite-colored and chased handle easily overcomes these challenges and also has a lot more to offer.

Even though we are fans of classic wet shaving, we are not opposed to innovations if they are simply better. That's why we don't use real animal hair for the shaving brush head, but rather a special synthetic fiber. In comparison, this is significantly more durable and robust, so you can enjoy your new shaving brush for even longer. In disciplines such as water absorption and skin feel, the synthetic fiber is at least as good as the best animal hair. At the same time, no animal has to suffer for your smooth skin or your perfectly trimmed beard. We think all of this justifies the use of an alternative to real hair.

The Mootes shaving brush not only scores points with its inner values ​​- such as the rust-proof components - but also visually. It starts with the stylish color design. The contrast between the anthracite-colored handle and the chrome-colored edging ensures an attractive look. The handle is also chased. It looks great, makes your skin feel good and ensures that the shaving brush handle sits comfortably in your hand. We also offer the matching counterpart to this shaving brush - namely the Mootes safety razor with a matt chrome-plated, anthracite-colored and chased handle - in our shop.

Of course, we don't use plain plastic as packaging for our Mootes shaving brushes. Instead, we rely on a cardboard box that has an attractive retro look. This not only looks good, but also makes ecological sense. The stylish box is also ideal as attractive gift packaging.

Customer Reviews

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Seit einem Monat habe ich Rasurpinsel und Hobel derselben Variante im Besitz. Beides Top, aber hier gehts ja um den Pinsel. Einen Unterschied zwischen Tier- oder Synthethikhaar kann ich leider nicht machen, habe ich mich doch hier direkt für die Kunsthaar-Variante entschieden.
Der Griff ist edel gestaltet; die Ziselierung bietet, wie beim Hobel, einen guten Griff.
Die Wasseraufnahme des Pinsel ist reichlich, auch das Aufschäumen und Verteilen der Rasiercreme oder Seife stellt kein Problem dar. Nach einem Monat Gebrauch kann ich noch gar keine Abnutzungserscheinungen feststellen. Also Style Top, Nutzen Top, 5 Sterne!

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