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Safety Razor & Brush Stand - Mootes

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Do you love classic wet shaving and are convinced of our products? Then you will definitely use a safety razor and a Mootes shaving brush. But where do these shaving utensils fit when you don't need them? We have a good idea that is practical and decorative at the same time.

We have developed a stand that is perfectly tailored to our shaving brushes and safety razors. These can be hooked into the holders so that the handle with the Mootes logo faces upwards and the shaving utensils are always within reach. Please note that the “U” shaped holders are specifically designed for Mootes safety razors and brushes. The models from other brands may therefore not fit there.

Our stand for Mootes safety razors and shaving brushes is also visually impressive. The base is a round plate that ensures stability. A vertical neck arises in the middle, which branches into two holders of different sizes at the top. Both practical and visual considerations were crucial for us when choosing the material. This makes the shiny chrome-plated metal particularly easy to clean. A soft cloth is enough to remove dust or shaving foam residue. In addition, the chrome look – especially when exposed to direct light – ensures a chic look that makes you want to shave again.

Maybe this stand appeals to you even though you don't use a Mootes safety razor or our brand of shaving brush. Then we recommend one of our affordable sets, which include a plane and brush as well as a matching stand.

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Zusammen mit Rasierpinsel und Rasierhobel anthrazit ziseliert gekauft. Passt, nimmt beides perfekt auf (auf den Bildern sieht man sonst immer die Modell mit Holzgriff, die Metallgriff-Modelle passen hier aber auch problemlos rein) und sieht auch noch toll aus. Perfekt, um das Rasierwerkzeug sicher und markant im Badezimmer zu platzieren.

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