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Rosemary & Thyme scented candle - Mootes

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With the Mootes scented candle “Rosemary & Thyme” you can bring the pure Mediterranean feeling into your home. After lighting, you will be greeted by a fresh Mediterranean scent that smells of summer, sun and your last vacation - perfect for relaxing on rainy autumn or cold winter evenings. The two fragrance components complement each other perfectly. The aromatic smell of rosemary goes perfectly with the spicy thyme.

To create this aromatic, spicy scent, we only use natural ingredients and completely avoid cheap synthetic fragrances, paraffin or animal additives - typical Mootes. A perfectly coordinated mixture of essential rosemary and thyme oil creates the aromatic, spicy scent. Both not only smell good, but also have many positive effects. Healers have valued rosemary oil for centuries because of its antiseptic and stimulating effects, and the ancient Greeks used the scent of thyme to vitalize the mind and spirit. Even today, thyme is used to relieve numerous cold symptoms and allows us to breathe freely.

The Mootes scented candle “Rosemary & Thyme” comes to your home in a stylish black cardboard box. The black glass in which the candle burns harmonizes perfectly with any modern interior design and creates an attractive contrast to traditional designs. The production is carried out for us by a small factory in Great Britain that we have selected. Here the scented candles are created entirely by hand. One copy burns for up to 45 hours and will give you an aromatic, fresh and pleasantly spicy scent for many evenings that simply makes you feel good.

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