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Beard Oil Sample Mountain Pass - Mootes

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A beard is not a must. But if you decide to have facial hair, you should also make sure that it looks good, well-groomed and has a pleasant scent . The Mootes Beard Oil Mountain Pass takes care of all this.

Naturally good and locally produced: our beard oil

Natural ingredients instead of artificial additives is also our motto with Mootes Beard Oil Mountain Pass. In addition, we do not use animal testing or animal ingredients in the bottle. The place of manufacture is also important to us. It is not located somewhere on the globe, but right here in Switzerland. This ensures short transport routes and the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Best vegetable oils for your beard

Jojoba oil is really good for your beard. Because it supports hair growth and can also improve the hair structure - ideal if you want to grow a longer beard. Almond oil provides even more plant power, providing facial skin and hair with equal moisture. It contains numerous nutrients for a healthy, shiny look and hair care. Vitamin A and vitamin E play a particularly important role. So that you not only look good, but also smell pleasant, we have refined the beard oil with our spicy, exotic scent Mountain Pass.

Mootes Beard Oil Mountain Pass is your way to a well-groomed, healthy and good-smelling beard! .

This is what the Mootes Beard Oil Mountain Pass has to offer:

  • Pure nature for your beard
  • Shiny look and soothing care for facial hair and skin
  • with high-quality jojoba and almond oil
  • produced in Switzerland
  • Spicy-exotic fragrance composition Mountain Pass

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