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Bart- und Duschseife Mountain Pass - Mootes
Bart- und Duschseife Mountain Pass - Mootes

Beard and shower soap Mountain Pass - Mootes

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Our beard soap is made entirely by hand in Switzerland and contains all the ingredients your facial hair needs. In addition, it not only reliably cleans your beard and the facial skin underneath, but also nourishes your skin and hair by supplying them with important nutrients. This is made possible by a number of selected ingredients of the best quality - in a sense, the A-Team for beard cleaning and care from Mootes.

Our beard soap does more than just remove dirt from your facial hair and gently clean it. With each use, it also cares for the individual beard hairs and the sensitive facial skin underneath. A number of high-quality ingredients make this possible. This starts with allantoin, which occurs naturally in selected plants. The substance from the imidazolidine group not only has a calming effect on the skin, but also promotes the development and renewal of skin cells and even supports wound healing. The ingredient aloe vera is even better known - no wonder, after all, its skin-care effects have been known for centuries. It is simply good for the skin, reduces swelling, minimizes redness and is even effective against some skin diseases. There is also a bit of Switzerland in our beard soap. This is the edelweiss extract. No, marketing didn't run away with us here. The extract obtained from the edelweiss plant makes the skin look younger and acts as an effective protective shield by preventing the formation of harmful free radicals.

Order the Mootes “Mountain Pass” beard soap now and it will soon arrive at your home in a stylish black aluminum container with a green front. Not only your beard, but you too deserve the best beard cleaning and care.

Scent Mountain Pass:

In the past, exotic spices came to Switzerland almost exclusively via the Alps. Because our Mountain Pass fragrance consists of a variety of these rare commodities in the form of natural essential oils, we chose this name. The base is the pleasantly tart-smelling cedar wood, which is perfectly complemented by balsamic clary sage, spicy coriander, hot black pepper and aromatic bay leaf. We also added a touch of vanilla for a sweet finish. Classic ingredients are used to create a modern, fragrant fragrance composition that you can comb into your facial hair with a beard brush made of boar bristles or horse hair or work into your facial hair by hand.

Customer Reviews

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Manuel Gantenbein

Hält (wie alles von euch😉) was es verspricht.
Der Bart wird sauber, gepflegt und riecht auch noch gut.

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