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Handcreme Mountain Pass - Mootes
Handcreme Mountain Pass - Mootes
Handcreme Mountain Pass - Mootes

Hand Cream Mountain Pass - Mootes

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This hand cream takes you on a walk through the majestic alpine forests. The unique blend of essential oils, including cedar wood, sage, laurel, vanilla, coriander and black pepper, combines an irresistible scent and intensive care. Your hands will not only feel refreshed, but also completely pampered.

The natural freshness of the mountains for your hands

We are convinced of the power of nature and only use high-quality natural ingredients in our hand cream. Manufactured with care in Switzerland, we minimize the ecological footprint and rely on ethical product development without animal testing.

The rich shea butter and nourishing almond oil provide your skin with valuable moisture and leave a pleasant, soft feeling. Even dry and stressed hands become supple again and feel healthy.

The aloe vera extract in our cream nourishes and soothes your skin, leaving it feeling radiant and vitalized. No matter whether you were out in the cold or in the dry office life - our hand cream is the salvation for your hands.

Urea and glycerin provide long-lasting moisture, even in the driest climates. Never have the unpleasant feeling of tightness from dry skin again! Your hands are always optimally cared for and feel wonderfully hydrated.

In addition, the vitamin E it contains protects your skin from harmful environmental influences and promotes regeneration. So you can feel safe and protected all day long.

Our hand cream absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling and leaves only the refreshing scent of Mountain Pass on your hands. It is ideal for everyday use and perfect for on the go. Whether you apply it after washing your hands, before going to bed or just in between - your hands will thank you.

Pamper your hands with the refreshing care they deserve and experience the natural freshness of the mountains. Mountain Pass Hand Cream – the power of nature for your skin. With this hand cream you can bring a little piece of mountain idyll into your everyday life and care for your hands lovingly and sustainably.

  • Long-lasting moisture: Thanks to high-quality ingredients such as urea and glycerin, your hands always remain optimally moisturized, even in dry environments.
  • Natural care: The rich shea butter and nourishing almond oil make your skin supple and soft without appearing greasy.
  • Calming effect: Aloe Vera extract provides soothing and revitalizing care, ideal after an active day outdoors.
  • Protection against environmental influences: The vitamin E it contains protects your skin from harmful environmental influences and promotes regeneration.
  • Refreshing scent: The scent of Mountain Pass with cedarwood, sage, bay leaf, vanilla, coriander and black pepper gives your hands an irresistible and refreshing touch of nature.

This hand cream absorbs quickly without being sticky, leaving only the refreshing scent of Mountain Pass on your hands. Ideal for everyday use, whether after washing your hands, before going to bed or in between.

The Mountain Pass scent

Mountains determine the geography of Switzerland. That's why trading caravans used to often have to laboriously transport their valuable cargo over mountain passes to the lower-lying cities of our Alpine republic. These caravans were then surrounded by a veritable cloud of aromas made of exotic spices and other oriental scents. This is exactly what our Mountain Pass fragrance composition, which is made entirely in Switzerland and consists of selected and optimally complementary essential oils, is reminiscent of. The noble base is tart and woody-spicy-smelling cedar. An exciting counterpoint to this is aromatic clary sage, which also has a fine citrus note. With a powerful accord of stimulating basil, aromatic laurel, invigorating rosemary and intense thyme, our noses delve deep into the world of spices. There is also black pepper, which is responsible for a masculine spiciness. A small nuance of coriander - because here less is often more - and a touch of seductive vanilla ensure the harmonious rounding off. We are sure: Anyone who likes sophisticated, spicy fragrance compositions will love Mountain Pass.


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