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Hair pomade
Anything but slick!

Bild von einem jungen Mann mit einer schönen Frisur zum Blogartikel über Haarpomaden

While hair pomade is particularly popular in English-speaking countries, it tends to have a niche existence here - in our opinion, completely unfairly. We think it is a very exciting product because it not only offers users numerous advantages, but can also be used in a variety of ways. Curious? If you want to find out more about hair pomade - and why it's not pomade-y at all - just read on.

What exactly is hair pomade and what benefits does it offer?

Most people think of hair pomade as purely a styling product that can be used to shape the hairstyle into the desired shape. But hair pomade can do much more. Depending on the product used and the amount applied, it also gives the hair an attractive shine, strengthens the strands and even nourishes them with each use. Practically, the hairstyle can still be shaped and combed with most pomades. This means the styling can be varied again and again. Because pomade - unlike some other hair care and styling products - does not contain alcohol, it does not dry out the hair. It also usually lasts longer than hair spray or gel.

What types of hair pomades are there?

Pomades have been used since the 18th century, but were initially reserved for the nobility. Since that time, three different species have emerged. One type of product is not necessarily better than the others. Rather, the individual types of hair pomades each offer specific advantages and are suitable for different purposes. Because pomades are particularly popular in English-speaking countries, we have also become accustomed to using product names in this language. Accordingly, English names can also be found on the product packaging. In order to ensure the best possible orientation, we use both German and English names in the following text. The following three types of hair pomades can be distinguished:

  • Fatty hair pomade (wax pomade)
  • Matte hair pomade (clay pomade)
  • Water-based hair pomade

Fatty hair pomade (wax pomade)

Greasy hair pomades are something of a classic. They create a retro look, like the one you know from the Comedian Harmonists, who were popular in the 1930s. However, today's products generally no longer contain as many animal fats as earlier pomades - or they even do without them completely. So if you want to fix your parting securely or simply want your hair to lie smoothly without being particularly noticeable, you are best served with a good wax pomade. Their shine is usually rather subtle. Unruly hair or curls can be reliably placed in the desired location and stay there. This is also the case in the long term if you use fatty hair pomades that also have labels such as “strong” or “extra strong” on the packaging. There are often no limits to other superlatives. Even swirls on your head, which usually turn your hair into a mess in no time, don't stand a chance with these pomades. A wax pomade is generally suitable for practically all hair types, but is always a good choice, especially for thin hair.


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