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Rasierhobelset Butterfly Eisenholz - Mootes
Rasierhobelset Butterfly Eisenholz - Mootes
Rasierhobelset Butterfly Eisenholz - Mootes

Butterfly ironwood safety razor set - Mootes

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CHF 146.50
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Dazzling as silver, soft as a cloud and black as ebony. No, this is not a new version of the Snow White fairy tale. All of this is what characterizes our three-piece Mootes butterfly ironwood safety razor set. With this – and consumables such as razor blades and soap, which you can also find in our shop – you have everything you need for a thorough and stylish wet shave.

The handle of our safety razor is a real eye-catcher. It is made of beautifully grained ironwood. This doesn't just look good. It also fits perfectly in your hand and has a pleasant feel. The dark precious wood represents an attractive contrast to the silver-colored razor head. It has something special. Not only is it made of almost indestructible, stainless steel, but it also offers a closed comb that minimizes the risk of injury when shaving wetly. A butterfly mechanism is integrated for safe and quick razor blade changes. To do this, simply turn the lower part of the safety razor handle until the head opens at the top.

The included shaving brush feels pleasantly soft on the skin. Instead of animal hair, we use a special synthetic fiber. This is not just good for animal welfare. The special fiber is also able to absorb a lot of water and ensures a very soft foam. This makes it superior to most animal hair. We also used the bicolor design made of silver-colored metal and dark ironwood for the shaving brush.

The third part of the Mootes Butterfly safety razor set is the practical storage stand. Not only does it look perfect with safety razors and shaving brushes, but it also ensures that they are always within reach. There are tailor-made hanging devices on the sides for both shaving utensils.

We will send you all of this in a chic, retro-style cardboard box. Order the Mootes Butterfly Ebony safety razor set now and enjoy fabulously pleasant shaves in the future.

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